The Reusable Menstrual Cup

22 Dec

There is an increasing awareness on the undesirable effects that our lifestyles are having on the environment, and this is why many people desire to reduce the size of the ecological footprint, and this is by changing the way that they live their lives. One of the ways that they are improving this is through the use washable menstrual cups or the reusable menstrual cups. This is an effective way to preserve the environment, and besides, it is an eco-safe and also the washable menstrual cups are very convenient.

The menstrual cup at has a bell-shaped cup, and it serves as a form of protecting the woman when she is having her periods. This can is usually worn inside the woman's vagina just like a sanitary napkin or the tampon. It works such that instead of absorbing the menstrual blood and fluids the menstrual cup will prevent them from leaking out of the vagina and it retains these fluids until a time when the woman is ready to remove the menstrual cup. They work very effectively, and they can hold twice as much fluid compare to the ordinary tampon, and this means that the cup can be used for at least twice as long without having to replace it or maintenance making them a popular alternative tampon among women and especially those who have very active lifestyles. It is also a very popular choice among women who travel a lot and those who participate in endurance sports and example the triathlons and marathons.

The washable menstrual cups at are usually made from latex-free or latex hypoallergenic silicone, and this is important because the women who have sensitive skin will not have to worry about suffering from any irritation.  The menstrual cups can last for a long time, anywhere between 10 to even 15 years depending on how they change in size and the elasticity in the wearer's vagina. The cups size vary from 44mm to 45mm for the width and 55mm in length, and they can hold up to 13ml to 30ml.

When a woman has the menstrual periods, it is quite normal if the woman would simply rinse the cup and then reinsert the washable menstrual cup between the uses. To keep it germs free, you are advised to boil the entire cup in hot water after the menstrual cycle is over so that the cup can be ready for use the next month. You can find the hypo-allergic cleaning products which are specially manufactured for the menstrual cups, and they are sold in the same stores where you buy the cups. This cup is also very hygienic in addition to saving you the cost of buying the sanitary pads every time you have your periods. For more information about reusable menstrual cups, check out

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